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Hotel Monaco

Hotel MonacoHotel MonacoHotel MonacoHotel MonacoHotel MonacoHotel Monaco

APS was recently awarded the project to perform repairs on the marble cornice of the Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC. Built between 1839 and 1866 in a neoclassical manner, the building originally housed the US General Post Office, and was also known as the Tariff Commission Building. It is the work of Robert Mills and Thomas U. Walter, two prominent nineteenth-century American architects, and designers of several other landmark buildings in the DC area, including the US Capitol, the US Treasury, the original US Patent Office, and the Washington National Monument.

In 2002, the building was converted into a 184-room hotel, known as the Hotel Monaco. The adaptive reuse project received several prestigious awards, including the Washington DC Mayor’s Award for Historic Preservation, the Business Week/Architectural Record Award, the GSA Heritage Award for Adaptive Use, and the GSA Heritage Award for Conservation and Restoration. The building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1971.

Bolton Hill Historic District

Bolton HillBolton HillBolton HillBolton HillBolton Hill

APS has been participating in the restoration of a private home in the Bolton Hill Historic District of Baltimore. Home to some of Baltimore’s finest rowhomes and urban mansions, as well as several churches and synagogues, the district is unique in that a large portion of the properties remain unaltered and intact.

APS’s work at Bolton Hill included restoring the building’s painted glass windows. The APS conservators assessed the condition of each of the 19 windows, which were then carefully removed and transported to the WEI shop for restoration. The removal and reinstallation process was especially difficult because the windows appeared to be larger than the frames housing them, and some were severely bowed. In order to reinstall the restored windows, which were no longer as pliable, the frames had to be readjusted.

The work was performed by David Davis, a recent recipient of the Building Congress & Exchange Craftsmanship Award for his work on the painted glass windows of Gilman Hall, located in Johns Hopkins University. For the windows of Bolton Hill, Mr. Davis cleaned the glass, re-adhered broken glass, replaced missing glass, reattached loose pieces of came, and soldered broken and missing cames.

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Winchester National Cemetery

Winchester CemeteryWinchester CemeteryWinchester CemeteryWinchester Cemetery

APS conducted the survey of Winchester National Cemetery, located in Winchester, Virginia. Dating from 1862, the cemetery contains some of the most historically significant monuments dedicated to the soldiers who died in the American Civil War, either on the battlefield, as prisoners of war, or in hospitals, both marked and unmarked. The monuments date from 1868 to 1910, and were constructed in various designs and materials.

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