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Glen Echo Carousel

Glen Echo, Maryland

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Glen Echo Park

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Glen Echo Park began in 1891 as a National Chautauqua Assembly, which taught the sciences, arts, languages, and literature. By the early 1900s, Glen Echo had become a premier amusement park that served the Washington area until 1968. Today, it continues to operate as a recreational park with an emphasis on arts and dance. Installed at Glen Echo Park in 1921, the carousel was made by the Dentzel Carousel Company of Germantown, Pennsylvania, a world renowned carousel manufacturer. It is a classic example of hand woodcarving popular during the early 1900s. You can still ride the carousel today.


In 2003, the twenty-year restoration project to restore the carousel to its original 1921 beauty was completed. Worcester Eisenbrandt Inc. participated in the project by painting the roof and restoring the windows and transoms of the carousel enclosure.

By 2010, the brightly painted roof of the carousel enclosure had become discolored with black soiling. APS was called to the site to investigate the nature of the staining and its effect on the remaining service life on the building. A conservator from APS conducted product testing to determine the best method for removing the soiling, which was largely lichen. After the entirety of the roof was cleaned, a conditions survey was conducted to determine the remaining service life of the roof. The conservator was able to differentiate between cosmetic and serious material issues and make a recommendation to the client regarding a replacement schedule.