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Shoemaker Building Lantern

University of Maryland - College Park, Maryland

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Plano-Coudon Construction

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The University of Maryland, College Park, is a public research university, the flagship campus of the University System of Maryland, and the original 1862 land-grant institution in Maryland. The Shoemaker Building, originally the University's library, was built is 1931 and named after the long-time chairman of its Board of Regents.


APS assessed the condition of the rolled and wrought mild steel lamp and devised a treatment plan. While the bulbs had been changed periodically, the body of the lamp had not received any maintenance and the coating had completely failed, leading to extensive corrosion of the surface exacerbated by bird guano and insect nests. The WEI field crew took down the lamp from the building's portico, and built a plywood cradle to transport it to Baltimore. Acting as quality control, APS conservators consulted with and supervised the WEI craftsmen as they cleaned and refinished the various components. An electrician fully rewired the lamp before it was re-crated, transported back to College Park, and reinstalled by the WEI field crew.