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National Cemetery Monuments

Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Tennessee, and Illinois

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Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration

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APS was contracted by the National Cemetery Administration to perform restoration of several monuments dedicated to the soldiers who died in the American Civil War, either on the battlefield, as prisoners of war, or in hospitals. Most monuments dated to the mid-to-late 1800s, with one from 1910, and were constructed in various designs and materials.


APS restored monuments at several cemeteries, including Hampton National Cemetery, Culpeper National Cemetery, Finn's Point National Cemetery, Loudon Park National Cemetery, Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery, Nashville National Cemetery, and Mound City National Cemetery. Materials included granite, marble, terra cotta, cast stone, concrete, and bronze. The scope of work varied from monument to monument, but most required initial testing of treatments, followed by cleaning and repointing. Bronze work included cleaning, repatinating, and waxing. There was also some patching of masonry, as well as structural work. All work was carefully documented.