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Hancock's Resolution, Corn Crib

Pasadena, Maryland

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The Friends of Hancock's Resolution

Completion Date



Originally encompassing over 400 acres, Hancock's Resolution is a surviving farmstead from the late eighteenth century on the Chesapeake Bay. Its location on the three waterways provided ample access to the trade routes of the time. The one-room main house, erected circa 1785, is constructed of local sandstone. Although it was lived in until 1962, electricity and plumbing were never added. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the site is considered a highly significant regional historic resource.

The corn crib currently on the Hancock's Resolution property was relocated from the Calvert Farm in the early 1990s. The eventual plans for the structure are to place it next to a newly-built barn on the small rise behind where the structure currently sits. The barn complex is not likely to be completed for another 5 to 10 years. It is not the intention to interpret the corn crib until it is relocated.


The Friends of Hancock's Resolution enlisted APS to survey the corn crib and propose options for its eventual restoration. Architectural conservators visited the site and provided the caretakers with a report detailing their observations. In addition to a summary of current structural and deterioration problems, the report contained treatment alternatives for the severely deteriorated corn crib.