APS : Architectural Preservation Services



The Spectrum of APS Services

Condition Assessments

Determining the cause of failure and its effect on the individual materials in the structure or object is the best place to start. APS conservators can provide the appropriate level of investigation for your historic building, property, sculpture, or object. We are committed to solving problems, not just covering them up.

Recommendations for Repair

Based on the findings in our own assessments or reports presented by other building professionals, APS is often called on to provide treatment methodologies for tradesmen to follow or architects to include in their specifications.

Analysis of Materials

Determining the exact materials can go a long way in deciding on the correct treatment. This can include matching historic brick, providing custom mortar mix samples, finding the right patching material for a particular stone, locating the correct species of wood for Dutchman repairs, or using the most appropriate repair techniques on historic metals. APS maintains an in-house lab and has access to advanced testing procedures, providing mortar and paint analyses.

Testing of Treatments

While there are several treatments that generally yield good results, the best way to get the most benefit from conservation treatments is to test them first. APS conservators start by testing a range of products, and finish by determining the most appropriate dilution and dwell time for the desired results.

Construction Monitoring/Quality Control

APS is often called on to monitor ongoing construction to ensure that the recommended treatments are being followed and producing the desired results.

Conservation Treatments

While APS advises the WEI construction crew on large projects, smaller projects or sensitive details are undertaken by the conservators themselves.

Recommendations for Maintenance

Knowing the proper way to care for a structure or object adds many years to its life. APS always includes recommendations for maintenance with its treatment reports, in order for the owner to implement a long-term plan.


Finally, documentation of each phase of research or treatment is essential for establishing a history of the structure or object. APS creates reports tailored to the complexity of each project, not only providing a record for future conservators/contractors, but also enabling the client a full understanding of the work performed.